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Migration Control in Practice

Before and Within the Borders of the State
First Edition

A systematic discussion of the implementation of migratory policies. The book presents the results of several qualitative research project with different actors that put migration policies into practice. It shows the different ways in which day-to-day activities of organisations shape migration policies on the ground. Read More

This book offers a comprehensive exploration on how different migration policies are implemented day by day. Such an approach allows to show the different ways in which migration policies on the ground take a life of their own when compared to the letter of the law. The book shows the need to understand the specific logics and workings of the implementation of policies, while taking into account the continued role played by politicians and the judiciary, non-state actors and migrants. Qualitative research with different public institutions implementing migration policies are combined with an exploration of the role of NGOs, supranational institutions and the migrants themselves. Bringing together the results of several research projects with fieldwork in Belgium, the UK, France, Morocco and Malta, the book covers the different stages of the migratory career. It follows the potential trajectory of a migrant from visa obtention (both in general and for students specifically) to border controls, asylum (including resettlement and gender and sexuality-based asylum), access to residence (with a specific
focus on marriage-based residence), healthcare and nationality, or to detention and managed return migration. Through its chapters it shows the day-to-day logics, routines and tactics that bureaucrats and other actors adopt, within the constrains of laws, social interactions, and ideas about policies.

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Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles
Contributions by
Sophie Andreetta, Andrew Crosby, Morgane Giladi, Ahmed Hamila, Federica Infantino, Léa Lemaire, Anissa Maâ, Carla Mascia, Andrea Rea, Djordje Sredanovic,
Edited by
Federica Infantino, Djordje Sredanovic,
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Title First Published
01 September 2022
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Thema subject category: Migration, immigration and emigration
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01 September 2022
Absolute page count : 286
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18 November 2022
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Absolute page count : 286
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Chapter 1 - The Perspectives of Implementation in Migration Policies: An Introduction 7 | Federica Infantino and Djordje Sredanovic

Chapter 2 - A Market of Refugees? Relocation and Resettlement Practices in Malta | Léa Lemaire

Chapter 3 - Mobilizing Local Practical Knowledge: Granting of Schengen Visas at the Belgian Consulate General in  Casablanca | Federica Infantino and Andrea Rea

Chapter 4 - Selection and Control of Moroccan Student Migration to Belgium | Andrea Rea and Morgane Giladi

Chapter 5 - The Irregularization of Mobility: Performing Border Control at the Airport | Andrew Crosby and Andrea Rea

Chapter 6 - Asylum Caseworkers as Policy-makers: The Recognition of SOGI Persecutions as a Ground to Grant Refugees Status in Belgium | Ahmed Hamila

Chapter 7 - Curbing Marriages of Convenience: When Politicization Comes Back | Carla Mascia

Chapter 8 - Variable Filters: Local Bureaucracies in Citizenship and Nationality Procedures in the UK and Belgium | Djordje Sredanovic

Chapter 9 - Granting Healthcare to the Unwanted. Professional Ethos and Daily Practices of Social Workers Assessing Medical Assistance Requests from Undocumented Migrants | Morgane Giladi and Sophie Andreetta

Chapter 10 - The Humanization of Immigration Detention and the Abjection of Detainees | Andrew Crosby

Chapter 11- Migration Control and Autonomy Beyond Dichotomies. The Role of Migrants in the Implementation of Voluntary Returns from Morocco | Anissa Maâ