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Social Democracy in Europe

First Edition

Edited by Pascal Delwit

This book analyses the different aspects of Social Democracy, not only in Western Europe, but also in Central and Eastern Europe Read More

Socialist and Social Democratic parties leave few political observers and citizens indifferent. For several years, a certain number of actors on the political scene have presented it as a political family in crisis, lacking in imagination and dynamism, incapable of renewal and doomed to fade into insignificance. Others, on the contrary, describe it as a grouping with a promising, even brilliant future.

This book does not set out to confirm either of those two visions. Its aim is to analyse in-depth the transformations which are affecting, at the current time, the different aspects of Social Democracy: new organisational models, changes in political and electoral performance, changing relations with the trade unions and civil society associations, reactions to the emergence of new political rivais and new values, new ideological trends and political programmes, etc.

For the first time, the analysis does not concern exclusively Western Europe, but also deals with the Social Democratic parties of the consolidated democracies and the organisations that claim to be part of democratic socialism in Central and Eastern Europe, and highlights the specific characteristics and points in common. At the dawn of the 21st century, it is therefore the challenges and the different responses to those challenges that are analysed by several of the leading European specialists in Social Democratic parties in Europe.

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Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles
Edited by
Pascal Delwit,
Contributions by
Attila Ágh, David S. Bell, John Callaghan, Gabriel Colomé, Pascal Delwit, Petia Gueorguieva, Robert Ladrech, Philippe Marlière, Gerassimos Moschonas, Daniel-Louis Seiler, Bruno Villalba, Jerzy J. Wiatr,
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Publication Date
31 January 2005
Main content page count : 250
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The "Third Way" in Comparative Perspective | David S. BELL
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Programmatic Change in the Party of European Socialists | Robert LADRECH
Electoral Developments in European Social Democracy | Pascal DELWIT
Ecological Contributions to the European Social Democratic Reform Project | Bruno VILLALBA
Social Democracy and the Choice of Alliances and Coalitions Assessment and Perspectives | Daniel-Louis SEILER
Alliances and Allies of Social Democracy in Central and Eastern Europe | Petia GUEORGUIEVA
Divorce, English Style? New Labour and the TUC-affiliated Trade Unions | Philippe MARLIÈRE
The Spanish Case: the PSOE | Gabriel COLOMÉ
Social Democracy and Civil Society | John CALLAGHAN
Social Democratic Parties in East-Central Europe. The Party and Civil Society Relationship | Attila ÁGH
European Social Democracy and the World of Members. The End of the Community Party Concept? | Pascal DELWIT
The Organisational Structure of Social Democratic Parties in Eastern and Central Europe | Jerzy J. WIATR
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