Towards a Metropolitan City Centre for Brussels - EUB

Towards a Metropolitan City Centre for Brussels

First Edition

Between 2015 and 2020, the city centre of Brussels witnessed the creation of its fi rst major pedestrian zone, one of the largest urban projects in recent decades. Read More

The boulevards between place Fontainas and place De Brouckère are now car free. New public spaces, greenery, benches and lighting have been installed, as well as new entrances for metro stations, two large bicycle parks and other facilities. Has the Brussels city centre finally done away with the car hegemony? Can the city centre be extended to become the centre of the Brussels metropolis where everyone can find his or her own place? This book presents scientific background to the issue and brings together in words and images the research carried out over the past four years by the Brussels Centre Observatory.

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Éditions de l'Université de Bruxelles
Edited by
Sofie Vermeulen, Aniss M. Mezoued, Jean-Philippe De Visscher,
Contributions by
Mathieu Berger, Kobe Boussauw, Eric Corijn, Alexis Creten, Nicola Da Schio, Jean-Michel Decroly, Roselyne De Lestrange, Jean-Philippe De Visscher, Alexandre Donnen, Gabrielle Fenton, Jean-Louis Genard, Margaux Hardy, Rafaella Houlstan-Hasaerts, Michel Hubert, Serge Jaumain, Imre Keserü, Giulietta Laki, Gérald Ledent, Quentin Letesson, Aniss M. Mezoued, Julie Neuwels, Hugo Perilleux, Elisabetta Rosa, Chloé Salembier, Mathieu Strale, Joost Vaesen, Pierre Vanderstraeten, Fabio Vanin, Sofie Vermeulen, Benjamin Wayens,
Brussels Studies Institute Series
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06 Professional and scholarly
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3076 Architecture/Urbanisme
Title First Published
19 October 2020


Publication Date
19 October 2020
Absolute page count : 342
Version 2.1, Version 3

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Part 1 – Findings
1 From Pedestrian Area to Urban and Metropolitan Project: Assets and
Challenges for the Centre of Brussels 
2 Pedestrianization of a Multifunctional Space: Challenges and Early
Observations of the Brussels Pentagon 
3 Right(s) to Brussels's City Centre and the Urban Project: What Possibilities
Exist for Future Transformations?
4 A Historical Perspective on the Central Boulevards in Brussels's
City Centre 
5 The International Climate Footprint of a Cosmopolitan City:
Magnitude and Trends of Brussels's Air Travel Burden 

Part 2 – Vision
6 Politics, Aesthetics, Economics: Imaginaries of Urban Public Space
and Their Reshaping Through the Transformation of the
Brussels City Centre 
7 Transition Pathways Towards the Strong Sustainability of the Brussels
Metropolitan City Centre: A Plea for an Ecosystemic Approach 
8 The Walkability of the Metropolitan City Centre as Lever for Brussels's
Mobility Transition 
9 A Common Vision for the Brussels Metropolitan City Centre
Beyond the Pentagon 

Part 3 – Action and projects
Zoom on Project 1: Steenweg 
Zoom on Project 2: A Green-Blue Walking Network in the Southern
Pentagon .