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Witch Stories
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Édité par Valérie Piette

Witches! Be afraid. They're back... Witches are among us. No feminist event is complete without a reminder of this historical figure that has populated our collective imagination for centuries. Lire la suite

'We are the granddaughters of the witches you couldn't burn’, they proclaimed back in 1968 already. Fifty years later, how can we explain the current resurgence of the figure of the witch?
Witches were hunted down, tortured and, for tens of thousands of them, burned. They were accused of entering a pact
with the devil, of participating in orgies and of devouring children. These witches fascinate us as much as they haunted our childhood dreams.
This exhibition wants to establish a dialogue between the witches of yesterday and today. Through art, archives, cinema, dance, song, comics, performance and a touch of magic, the exhibition Witches questions the figure of the witch, explores both the way in which she has filled our collective imagination and her representation across the centuries, and examines her relevance today.

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04 novembre 2021
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INTRODUCTION – Witches! Be afraid. They're back…

Part one – Witches... feminists like any others?

Neither defeated, nor submissive... nor burned When witches rise from their ashes | Valérie Piette

Political struggles against capitalism and the patriarchy | Natacha Chetcuti-Osorovitz

Appropriation of bodies – My body is hers/theirs | Valérie Piette

Contradictory emancipations and magical subversions: do witches get laid? | Sandrine Detandt, Valérie Piette

Part two – Once upon a time there were witches

Christine and the bitches... The 'Woman Question' in the fifteenth century | Tania Van Hemelryck

How did witchcraft become a crime? | Maxime Gelly-Perbellini

Imagining the sabbath | Maxime Gelly-Perbellini

Fantasies about demonic relations and a focus on female bodies | Maxime Gelly-Perbellini

'Nothing irritates a man more than a woman who dances’ (Paracelsus, 16thcentury physician) | Valérie Piette

Part three – The witch shaking things up: classified, degraded, dreamed, imagined, fantasized

Weak women: from diabolical illusion to madness, even crime? A paradigm shift | Sandrine Detandt, Bernard Dan

The old woman, an image of evil? | Fabien Lacouture

Fabulous literatures | Paul Aron

Reappropriations | Paul Aron

Witches on the big screen | Vincent Fontana

The carnival witch | Clémence Mathieu

Part four – The granddaughters of witches: when witches reinvent themselves

Magic, witchcraft and divination | Pierre Tchekhov

Witchcraft as a therapeutic method | Olivier Schmitz

If old women are no longer women... then maybe they’re witches | Nathalie Grandjean

From witches as victims of capitalism to rituals breaking the spell of finance | Charlotte Pezeril

Patriarchy, capitalism and nature: the critical tangle of witches | Nathalie Grandjean

An ambiguous return to nature | Laure Guilbert

Magic as resistance and counterculture | Caroline Godart

When God was a woman | Caroline Godart

The granddaughters of witches | Isabelle Stengers