The gays' and lesbians’ rights in an enlarged European Union - EU

The gays' and lesbians’ rights in an enlarged European Union

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During the last few years, gay and lesbian rights have reached the European Union human rights agenda and different instruments to combat discrimination have been adopted, which have had major implications for the gay and lesbian communities all over Europe. This volume focuses on less known and less studied aspects of these accomplishments. Lire la suite

The originality of this book lies both in the multidisciplinary nature and the international approach of this project; researchers from different universities throughout Europe (Brussels, Leiden, Stockholm, Athens, Ljubljana, Budapest, Bucharest, Paris and Krakow) and from different disciplines (law, political science, sociology and journalism) have contributed to this volume.

Through case studies and theoretical reflection, the articles collected here aim at reinforcing the existing interest for the topic as well as offering an academic look at the subject, with a view to fostering scientific dialogue and contributing to the development of this field of research.

The book is structured in three different parts, covering a broad spectrum of issues, among which: legal achievements on outlawing discrimination on sexual orientation within the European Union, the evolution of same-sex partnership and marriage, the accomplishments in the candidate countries.

By providing a comprehensive overview of the aforementioned topics, this book can be appreciated by different categories of readers, from those interested in human rights to those working in the specific field of non-discrimination or studying the evolution of norms.

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Anne Weyembergh, Sinziana Carstocea,
Introduction de
Anne Weyembergh, Sinziana Carstocea,
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Daniel Borrillo, Sinziana Carstocea, Jean-Arnault Derens, Frederic Jörgens, Roman Kuhar, David Paternotte, Matthaios Peponas, Patrycja Pogodzinska, Judit Takács, Kees Waaldijk, Anne Weyembergh, Hans Ytterberg,
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16 janvier 2006
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Introduction | Anne WEYEMBERGH & Sînziana CÂRSTOCEA
PART I – The gays' and lesbians’ situation in the fifteen Member States of the European Union
Legislative framework in the Europe of 15
Legislation in fifteen EU Member States against sexual orientation discrimination in employment: the implementation of Directive 2000/78/EC | Kees WAALDIJK
Homosexual individuals, same-sex couples and homoparental families: an analysis of French legal reality | Daniel BORRILLO
The rights of gays and lesbians in the European Union – the Swedish experience | Hans YTTERBERG
Greece: society, law and sexual orientation | Matthaios A. PEPONAS
A closer look – the homosexual couple
The construction and recognition of private and public identity. A study on social norms concerning the homosexual couple | Frédéric JÖRGENS
Beyond the laws: right to marry, citizenship and inclusion models in Belgium | David PATERNOTTE
PART II – A better place for gays and lesbians in the new Member States
The impracticability of active citizenship beyond the closet in Slovenia | Roman KUHAR
Recognizing sexual orientation in Polish law. From combating discrimination to claiming new rights | Patrycja POGODZINSKA
The influence of European Institutions on the Hungarian legislation regarding LGBT rights | Judit TAKÁCS
PART III – Towards Europe: gays and lesbians in the candidate countries
Between acceptance and rejection. Decriminalizing homosexuality in Romania | Sînziana CÂRSTOCEA
Homophobia within the Western Balkans: Otherness and the image of the enemy | Jean-Arnault DERENS
Biographical notes